Linden Tree Inn

Linden Tree Inn
Linden Tree Inn, Rockport, MA

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Now that the spell of unseasonable hot and humid weather from the last week is behind us, I have been able to get out and spend a little time in the gardens. The flowers are blooming like crazy, and I thought you might like to see some of the color in our gardens this time of year.  The linden tree is all leafed out, and soon will be sporting a gorgeous white profusion of flowers, with that unbelievable sweet fragrance that the linden tree possesses. If you aren't visiting when the tree is blooming, then you can experience the sweet perfume of the tree captured in the Baudelaire linden flower soap and shampoo in the guest bathrooms. To prolong the memory, you can purchase other Baudelaire body care  products with the linden flower fragrance  at the inn. 

Along with the blooming flowers, Rockport is bursting with the wonderful sounds of the Rockport Chamber Music Festival concerts. We have had several musicians stay with us, and have enjoyed some of their music drifting out of their rooms as they warm up and rehearse for their upcoming performance.  The festival continues through the month of June Thursday through Sundays, with the closing performance on July 2nd.

Call now to make your reservations and enjoy this profusion of beauty for yourself!