Linden Tree Inn

Linden Tree Inn
Linden Tree Inn, Rockport, MA

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Well, we have been having some exciting times here in Rockport! The crew from Disney was in town filming a new romantic comedy called "The Proposal" starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. The film takes place in Sitka, Alaska and Rockport has been transformed to this Alaskan seaside village. It's been a bit strange to have totem poles in dock square, and Sitka, Alaska banners hanging from the signposts....but I will let you be the judge of that with photos of our lovely town....there have been a lot of star sightings around town of Sandra, Ryan, Mary Steenbergen (wonder where Ted Danson was?) and Betty White, as well as Sandra's husband, Jesse James. I was not so fortunate to see anyone famous, but it was exciting all the same! Check out the Motif #1, the Fish Shack, the Greenery, the Future home of the Rockport Chamber Music Festival and several other local shops....looks familiar.....with a twist! 

I just love this last photo with the's been a fun week or so!