Linden Tree Inn

Linden Tree Inn
Linden Tree Inn, Rockport, MA

Friday, March 16, 2007


Just when I was getting used to not wearing the winter coat, and enjoying the smell of spring in the air, ol' Mother Nature pulls a fast one on us and sends along a N'oreaster to keep us on our toes! I think this is the most snow we have had all winter! John and I couldn't resist, and took the truck out for a little ride to the grocery store when the snow was coming down several inches an hour, and swirling all over the place. Yes, the 4 wheel drive works great on the truck, and it was fun to be out in the storm! The wind is still howling and the snow is still swirling, and who knows when it is going to stop....I hope that the rain will hold off long enough tomorrow for me to get out and take some great photos of all the snow. I love the winter wonderland of the snow on all the trees, dressing up their bare limbs with white sleeves of glittering white! Cape Ann truly is beautiful in all seasons...Our linden tree looks especially wonderful dressed up in her coat of white.

Friday, March 9, 2007


I think spring is in the air here on Cape Ann! I noticed that the buds on our linden tree are looking fatter, and a bit red, so spring and the budding out can't be too far off. The air definately feels different, and with the clocks being turned ahead this weekend, it will seem like we have more sun during the day. The temperatures are supposed to be in the 50s this weekend, and the ladies retreating here this weekend feel like they have hit the weather jackpot! I am looking forward to getting out in the garden and searching for other signs of spring poking out of the ground! Why not plan a weekend getaway here at the Linden Tree and discover the early signs of spring for yourselves? Come and catch some Spring Fever, we'd love to share it with you!
I took this photo last March at Halibut Point State Park of the first crocus, this is such a lovely time of year to wander around the quarry there, and walk the trails to the ocean's edge.